A Line in the Sand


Three years ago was my last trip to Colour Conference. I heard very clearly from God on that trip and I came home with a word on my heart. Resolve.

Two meanings to the word ‘resolve’ are “to decide firmly on a course of action” and “firm determination to do something”.

For me, I took it away and wanted so badly to apply that to my following of Jesus. And I did. I drew a line in the sand and resolved to follow Jesus passionately, well and with determination. I could do that.

However, after a while, my line started to fade and the word resolve started to hold less and less meaning as it did when it was fresh.

I became busy. Doing a lot of things, juggling lots of balls in the air as they say. I look back now and have no idea how I did it, (or even why I did it!) but the busyness took its toll and I grew tired and weary and, eventually, the word “resolve” was a distant memory.

Yes, I had drawn a determined line in the sand, but then the tide came up. A storm arose and it washed that line away and bit by bit, wave by wave, it eroded my “resolve line”. In my world, I had to make some adjustments, I had to re-evaluate my situation and I had to pray. A lot. I realised that although I had drawn a line, I then forgot what I drew it for; or rather, WHO I drew it for.

After some time, including difficult times and beautiful times spent with God, one Sunday morning, I had a definite, purposeful encounter with God. One of those specific Damascus Road moments where everything becomes clear again after a foggy morning. Out of this moment came the phrase “draw a line in the sand”. I felt that resolve flow back in that I had discovered and experienced 3 years ago. This time though, I felt I was not doing it in my own strength, but by the grace and strength of God; He was with me when I bent down this time to draw my new line in the sand. In hindsight, I believe last time I did it in my own strength, out of what bring to the table myself.

We can’t live off the revelations that we had 3 years ago, even 3 weeks ago. We need to constantly be seeking God and letting Him speak to us anew, help us lift our heads and see that He is in the boat calming the storm, that He is with us when it is a good season; He is with us when it is a bad season; He is with us always and forever.

I wanted to encourage us all that we can all have moments of drawing a line in the sand; we can all resolve something in our hearts. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be storms; there will be a fading, even a total disappearing of that line sometimes. We need to constantly be drawing a new line in the sand each and every day. Draw that battle line and go again…..WITH Jesus, not just FOR Jesus.

Lamentations 3:22-23(NIV)
Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.


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