SuperMum June is On Board, Heart and Soul

We love seeing mums celebrating one another for Mothers Day!


I would like to introduce you to a vital, warm, encouraging and strong woman, whom I know I am very pleased to call my friend. June Gan-Pain has many roles: she is an Energizer Church board member; Practice manager; qualified accountant; board member/treasurer for Pathways Tasmania; wife and home maker; but her most important job is being a mother to her two children.
June is mother to Rupert, eight, and Isabelle, nine. Her children’s age gap is only nineteen months, which June totally does not recommend, due to the back to back nappies and lack of sleep, but believes is totally worth the effort, as they are the best of friends. Just don’t ask them if they are twins!

June warmly refers to her children as Miss Sunshine and Mr Funny as Isabelle is a happy and fun loving girl and Rupert is a very humorous boy who sees the…

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