Back to reality.


Over the last few months I’ve had this realisation: I don’t like reality. Now when I say that, what I’m really saying is my body doesn’t seem to like it. In theory, who wouldn’t want to live in the moment every day, relishing every experience and squeezing every bit out that life has to offer?

The truth of it is, not me. This is what I’ve noticed about myself.

Look, I’ve always been a fairly optimistic person in life. I have been blessed enough to have a minimally traumatic run. Obviously, I’ve had my share of rubbish and issues, but don’t we all? Most of the time, I get quite excited over life. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I began to notice a change.

Do you remember getting all excited over Santa delivering presents at Christmas, until that year you realise it’s just your mum and dad?…

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